Coloured circles

Performers: Mike Kaliotsos, Panagiotis Furikis


Video art with theme the four elements of nature water, fire, earth and air. “4.1” is the first part of the trilogy “4”. It has been show at the personal exhibition in the “Epi kolono” theater and the group exhibition “Toxic” at the DESTE art foundation.


Video art, which is having face, plant, animal and thing as a theme. 4.2 is the second part of the trilogy “4”. It’s been show in the “Peculiar Screen” festival in Thessaloniki and in the “digi 01” festival in Athens.

Part Apart

Video art titled “part - apart”.
It took place on the artist’s digital work and was shown at the gallery. The production was done for the artist Ana Mathiou.

Kastrinakis Boats

Video art based on Antonis Kastrinakis works.